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"Looking at the world, creating a brilliant career"

Xinlong focuses on the R&D, design and manufacture of pneumatic tools for more than 40 years. Its products and services cover more than
20 countries and regions around the world, providing customers with quality products.

Create benefits for society and create value for employees

XinLong Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd is a well-known factory which produces all kinds of pneumatic tools, including Angle Grinding Machine, Straight Shank Grinding Machine, Paint Agitator Machine, Water-Cooling Polishing Machine, Ending-surface Grinding Machine, Industrial-level Chamfering Machine, Pneumatic Drill, Pneumatic Wrench, Pneumatic Screw Driver, etc. Our company has four decades of experiences in producing pneumatic tools. While sticking to business philosophy of technological innovation, customer orientation and market need, our company have always persisted in creating and improving products in high-function, high-stability, and high servicing- life with strengthened and advanced technology.

Excellence in production management

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Xinlong has been improving our weapon to win the market. We have built a clean, spacious and orderly production workshop in the modern factory area, introducing international production equipment and production technology to form a professional assembly line. This enabled us to improve our production efficiency while improving our quality, and ultimately expanded our competitive advantage and won the market.

Has applied for patented technology and obtained multiple certificates

The company's products have been declared a number of patented technologies, and the company operates in accordance with the IATF16949 quality system, and the related products have passed the 3C certification. Product quality and after-sales service enjoy a high reputation among users.

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